Torus is a distributed private key management solution. By abstracting the management of private keys away from the end user, we allow users to start making use of blockchain applications using familiar authentication methods like Google or Facebook login. Our goal is to allow any digital identity to be a valid cross-platform identifier, allowing users to bring their digital identities with them to any application on the Internet.

Torus Team

Leonard Tan


Yong Zhen Yu


Prof Aniket Kate


Ong Jun Hao

Accounting Manager

Chaitanya Potti

Senior Software Engineer

Oskar Paolini

Senior Software Engineer

Lionell Briones

Software Engineer

Yeo Sinlin

UX Designer

Carlos Lastres

UX Designer

Elisha John Koh

Business Development

Hagios Lim

Business Development

Tey Shi Ying

Software Engineer Intern

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