Brand Guidelines

Torus Labs Media Kit

The following branding kits are for entities integrated with Torus to use on their website and application where necessary.

About Us

Torus Wallet

OAuth Single-sign ons to DApps with email (and other) account resolvers

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Mainstream users’ gateway to the decentralized ecosystem via Google, Facebook and other OAuth Logins.

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Torus provides one-click logins for dApps. Users are able to log onto dApps with their Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord and Twitch accounts in a single step, there are no registration nor installations required, and is the same process for both first time and returning users. Additionally, they can send any ERC20 and ERC721 tokens to Google emails, Reddit usernames and Discord IDs, regardless of whether the recipient has logged into Torus before. 

Torus’s technology splits users’ private keys into shards across a network of nodes and then enables them to retrieve them instantly using social authentication. Integration with Torus is painless and only requires a few lines of code to deploy.  

The company is based in Singapore, and is led by Zhen Yu Yong and Leonard Tan who both previously worked closely with the Ethereum Foundation. 

To build your user on-ramp with Torus, please visit


Color Guide

One Click

Brand Color


Non Custodial

Hover Color


Open Source

Brand Secondary


Open Source

Brand Tertiary


Open Source

Gray Primary


Open Source

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Open Source

Gray Quaternary


Open Source

Font Primary


Open Source

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Typography - Roboto

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Founder Bios

Co-Founder, CEO

Yong Zhen Yu

Prior to Torus, Zhen was a researcher with a focus on scalability and state channels. He led Peace Bridge funded by both the Ethereum Foundation and ETC Cooperative. He also has a background in software engineering at Visa and Accenture.

Co-Founder, CTO

Leonard Tan

Prior to Torus, Leonard was an engineer at Ethereum Name Service. He has served as a technical advisor to multiple blockchain projects and spoken at Blockchain conferences around the world.

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