Flexible, universal
key management

Authentication abstracted for the decentralized ecosystem. We strive to ensure access to self-sovereign rights for everyone.

Onboard users

A seamless logins users are familiar with

Non-custodial solutions

Users have full control with threshold distributed key generation

Blockchain agnostic

User keys for any blockchain secp256k1, ed25519 etc

Multiple platforms

Compatible on web and mobile platforms with native app

How it works


A composable system for user-centric key management. tKey splits user’s keys into shares which are then managed using the user’s device, the Torus Network, and/or user input. A user reconstructs their key through combining any two of these shares.

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How it works

Torus Network

A network of nodes that conduct a distributed key generation protocol which are operated by large ecosystem stakeholders. Keys are distributedly generated, stored and upon authentication retrieved by users via user flows that they are familiar with.

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Secure, transparent
and audited

Build with a code-base that is constantly vetted by the team, the community and professionals

Open source

Anyone can vet and contribute to the security of our code bases. Don’t trust, verify.

Audited code-base

The Torus codebase routinely undergoes audits. Check them out

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Focus on your app's usability

Login flows for any user

Web2 flows for mainstream users and more advance flows for experienced users

Onboarding beyond logins

Fiat-to-crypto conversion, account linking, user identity management and incremental onboarding

Flexible platform integration

Torus supports any blockchain, web/native or different key formats

Access to millions of users

You don't have to hear it from us

Here's what our clients say:

"Torus integration was a breeze, and it enables GoodDollar to reach its goal, to bring seamless decentralized finance experience to the masses without compromising on privacy and security."

hadar rottenberg
Technical Lead @ GoodDollar

Torus in a nutshell

Integrate your application in just five minutes

With a few lines of code you can have Web2 logins, fiat-to-crypto onramps and more integrated in your application.

Embed Web2 logins directly in your application

Build for either web or native applications regardless of blockchain. Create user flows that are seamless to your end user.

Safeguard users using threshold key management

Introduce greater security and flexibility to your end-users without compromising on their experience and control over their keys.